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14 Signs You’re a Helicopter Rottweiler dog Parent

Are you a proud parent of a Helicopter Rottweiler Dog? If so, you know that there’s nobody quite like your furry friend! They bring so much joy to your life and make life worth living.

My Rottweiler are my world. And while they may be two of the most pampered pets on the planet, I find as much enjoyment spoiling them as they do. But, my attention doesn’t just stop at showering them with squeak toys and perpetual cuddles—I have been known to maybe go a tad overboard. Some may call it overbearing, and I’ve come to terms with that label.

And while I may be guilty of being a helicopter pet parent, I’m able to justify every confession on this list – and I’m sure I’m not alone. Here are 14 telltale signs you’re an overbearing (and overly-fantastic) pet parent too:

1. You and Your Vet Are BFFs

You have your vet’s number on speed dial and his personal email – and you will send messages to that email at any hour of the day or night if necessary. you know the importance of frequent health check-ups and preventive care. You consult your vet on any questions or concerns you have about your pup’s wellbeing.

2. You Hover On outings to the local dog run, you stay an arm’s length distance from him at all times… just in case. You’re always watching your pup no matter where he goes.


3. You BYOB You also bring their individual water bottle and dish. Those communal bowls are cesspools.

4. You Weather the Weather Together: When it rains, you walk with the umbrella over him to make sure he stays dry. You don’t let the harsh weather keep you two apart.

5. You and Your Dog Have ESP: You both have your own secret way of communicating. You know what his looks, sniffs and barks mean – and if you can deliver what he wants, you do.  You know when he’s feeling down and when he just needs some TLC. You can tell when he needs a treat or a little extra exercise just by looking into his little eyes.

6. You Feed Him the Very Best Food: You understand the importance of high-quality food for your pup, but you fortify it with fish oil and vitamin supplements. You read the labels or do the necessary research to make sure your pal is eating the best food out there.

7. You Refuse to Board Your Dog: You can never bear to leave him for too long. You’re always looking for ways to take your pup everywhere you go. If he can’t come along, then Grandma or someone you’d trust with your own life gets the responsibility of sitting. Your little fur baby needs personalized attention at all times.

8. You Leave Lists. Lots of Lists: If you do decide to go away, your trusted caretaker receives a detailed list of instructions and preferences along with a tote filled with your pup’s favorite food, bed, blankets and play things.

9. You Don’t Go Anywhere Without Your Dog: If your dog isn’t invited to a BBQ or outdoor party than you see no reason in attending. Hey, your dog is better behaved (and can be better dressed) than most people!

You’re not sure how else you’d make it without your pup in tow. You always make an effort to bring him on trips, hikes, and adventures.


10. You Tuck Him In At Night. His nighttime regimen consists of brushing his teeth, mouth spray and a mango scented cooling wipe down-complete with tuck-in service and a kiss goodnight. You make sure to check on your pup one last time before going to sleep. You give him plenty of love and snuggles before bedtime.

11. Your Dog Hogs the Bed

He sleeps in your bed…and at times in your spot. Hearing his little snores are reassure you he’s sleeping soundly, so no matter how twisted your body gets, if he’s comfortable, you’re comfortable. It comes as no surprise that he manages to take up the whole bed each night. He’s the king of the castle.

12. You Always Skip Happy Hour

Your typical response for missing a happy hour with your coworkers is, “I can’t, I have to get home to my dog.” … and no, you’re not sorry. Your pup is way too important to miss time with him. You just can’t bare to leave him alone and you’d rather spend your alone time at home with your pup.


13. You Skype With Your Pup: Your pup is way too important to miss time with him. You just can’t bare to leave him alone and you’d rather spend your alone time at home with your pup.

You think the web cam is the greatest invention known to man. Thanks to it, you can now keep an eye on him whenever you’re out… which also kind of makes it the worst invention too.

14. You Love Him Unconditionally: No matter what. You unconditionally love him and you would do anything for him. You understand there is nothing else like the special bond between you two. He’s more than your best friend – and if you can make him happy, it makes your day.

If these signs describe you, then congratulations! You are officially a helicopter Boxer dog parent. Enjoy every moment you share with your pup, because life is too short not to cherish them.