7 Things GSP Owners Should Never Apologize For

Saying how much you love your GSP

Almost all your family members and friends know how much you love your GSP, because you can not be a day without saying them, even to strangers, the love you feel for him.

Always putting your GSP first


Allowing your GSP on the furniture

Referring to yourself as parent

know, it is kind of weird for normal humans to see a dog like a kid. However, GSP owners take care of them even better than kids.

Having dog toys all over the house


As a GSP owner you know that toys are important for your GSP to be entertained. So, an apology is not necessary if your pup is the happiest dog at home.

Staying in with your GSP rather than going out

Most of the GSP  owners have made up something to avoid going out with their friends, because they feel better with their pups at home. Once again, an apology is not necessary. Your friends will understand.

Calling your GSP family

Yes, whether you like it or not, GSP are an important part of the family and they deserve to be treated as one.

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