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9 Weird Things We Do As Akita Parents


1-Refer to yourself as “Mommy” or “Daddy.”

As in, “Daddy loves you” or “Give Mommy kisses!”

2-Talk to them like they’re the cutest wittle baby-wabies in the world!

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3-Bake your pooch special homemade dog cookies.

Because everyone loves baked goods that are made with love–even your pup!

Image result for собака american akita ест печенье

4-Let them slobber all over your face.
It’s a thing you do with those you love, right?

Image result for собака american akita ест печенье

5-Let your dog sit in your lap.

dogs like to cuddle, too!

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6-Figure out ways to sneak them into non-dog-friendly places.

If anyone asks, you just have a barking purse.

Image result for AKITA in to bag

7-Let your dog sleep in bed with you.

Oh come on, everyone does it!

Image result for собака american akita спал со мной

8-Have conversations with your canine.

Others may not understand it, but your dog definitely talks back–in her own way.

9-Make up excuses to bail on plans just to hang out with your dog.