7 Signs You Love Your Maltese More Than Your Spouse

Riley’s Organics, an organic dog treat company, recently conducted a survey to see just how close pet parents are to their dogs. The company asked dog owners across the U.S. how much TLC they give their canines, and found that dogs often get more love than humans. According to Riley’s results, 52% of respondents admitted […]

Scientific Evidence That Your Dog Gets Jealous

Any dog owner who has spent a weekend caring for a friend’s dog will know this to be true, but scientists have shown it to be so: Your dog gets jealous when you play with other dogs. Dog jealousy is something that you’ve probably seen often. Its origins date back to Charles Darwin, who once […]

Science proved you and your Westi fall in love when you look in each other’s eyes

Dog owners already know in their bones that they and their pets love one another. Now, a new study has confirmed it, finding that love is chemically apparent after dogs and their owners gaze into one another’s eyes. The study, conducted by researchers at several Japanese universities and published in the journal Science, consisted of […]

Dogs Dream About the Humans They Love

Psychologist Discovers That Dogs Dream About the Humans They Love Have you ever wondered if dogs really dream about chasing kittens and cats? According to Harvard psychologist, Dr. Deirdre Barrett, canines are likely dreaming about their human caretakers. Barrett has been studying sleep behavior in humans for years. Although she says there’s no 100% certainty […]

Miracle dog found alive under debris after Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is using technology and special recovery teams to locate and save dogs trapped under debris in Marsh Harbor after; Hurricane Dorian ravaged the island, according to a news release. One recent rescue is a dog found trapped under an air conditioner and building debris that was rushed to the ranch to […]

What Your Chihuahua Can Say About Your Personality?

Chihuahuas get a rap for being high maintenance, but that’s definitely a stereotype. Chihuahuas and the people who love them are actually very easy to get along with. Chihuahua lovers are sympathetic people and are always willing to get to know you before passing judgement – probably because people don’t always offer them that same […]

19 Complete Dog Actions And Their Meaning, Say Scientists!

We are constantly learning new things in this day and age and our dogs are no exception either, a great new study has identified 19 actions done by our dogs and what they actually mean… The scientists call it “referential signaling” and it is believed to be quite a rare and special thing in the […]

Here’s Why You Treat Your GS Like Your Child

If you don’t own a pet, then there’s a good chance you find this way of thinking absurd. That’s OK, because science has our back on this one. A new study has found that women really and truly think of their dogs as their children, but with more fur, obviously. Researchers looked into brain activity […]

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