9 Reasons Goldendoodles Are So Addictive

If you have any doubt as to why people seem to get Goldendoodles in packs, here’s ten reasons why you can’t get just one: 1. Goldendoodles are unique in their coloring 2. There’s So Much Belly To Rub 3.They’re The Little Dog For The Big Dog Person 4.They’re Meant For Sleeping In Your Bed 5. […]

9 Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Goldendoodle More Often

Most dog owners would agree that you don’t need a reason to cuddle your dog more often — if anything, a dog’s stare and nuzzle is enough to melt any pooch lover’s heart. There are, however, actual benefits to cuddling and petting your furry best friend. 1-Your dog needs it. Science says so. If science […]

9 Reasons You Should Date Someone With A Goldendoodles

1. You know he or she is easygoing Dogs are messy, destructive, impulsive, furry, lovable monsters, and it takes a certain level of flexibility to be able to put up with one. When you date someone who has a Goldendoodle, you know that he or she is able to go with the flow and not […]

Science proved you and your Goldendoodle fall in love when you look in each other’s eyes

Dog owners already know in their bones that they and their pets love one another. Now, a new study has confirmed it, finding that love is chemically apparent after dogs and their owners gaze into one another’s eyes. The study, conducted by researchers at several Japanese universities and published in the journal Science, consisted of […]

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