Golden Retriever

10 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are So Addictive

If you have any doubt as to why people seem to get Golden Retrievers in packs, here’s ten reasons why you can’t get just one: 1. Golden Retrievers Come In All Flavors. 2. There’s So Much Belly To Rub 3. The Zoomies 4.They’re The Big Dog For The Big Dog Person 5.They’re Meant For Sleeping […]

6 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Golden Retriever’s Feelings Without Even Knowing It

The way to raise a happy, confident dog is with gentle handling, kindness and dependability. Learn to read your Golden Retriever’s  body language. Dogs thrive on routine, so always be consistent with your rules. Most importantly, learn what action hurts your Golden Retriever’s feelings — and stop doing it. Here are some of the ways […]

9 Strict Rules that Golden Retriever have established for humans to follow

You know that your golden retriever basically owns you, right? 1- Wake up in an orderly fashion every day to fill my empty bowl. I will serve as your alarm clock and reminder if you fail to do so. 2- If it lands on the floor, it’s mine. 3- Please dear human, appreciate when I […]

9 Weird Things We Do As Golden Retriever Parents

1-Refer to yourself as “Mommy” or “Daddy.” As in, “Daddy loves you” or “Give Mommy kisses!” 2-Talk to them like they’re the cutest wittle baby-wabies in the world! 3-Bake your pooch special homemade dog cookies. Because everyone loves baked goods that are made with love–even your pup! 4-Let them slobber all over your face. It’s […]

9 Rules Golden Retrievers Have For You

1.  The Golden Retrievers is not allowed in the house. 2. Okay, the Golden Retrievers is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms. 3. Fine, the Golden Retrievers is allowed on all furniture, but is NOT allowed to sleep with the humans on the bed. 4. All right, the  Golden Retrievers is allowed […]

9 Reasons Why Everyone Loves A Golden Retriever

1. A Golden Retriever is a dog of few words. They save their voice for those really important moments, but are otherwise calm and quiet. 2. The Golden Retriever Personality is totally unique. Within a few months of living with one, you start to notice their quirks and habits, and they start to develop a […]

11 Overwhelming Moments Of Love Only Golden Retriever Can Understand

It doesn’t happen right at first, as all true, deep-seated, romantic behaviors tend to unfold over time. But the first time your Golden Retriever can feel your mood and you can feel her feeling your mood – you know. 1. When you’re sobbing or maybe just on the very edge of breaking into a weep, […]

10 Ways Your Golden Retriever is Secreatly Communicating With You

Every time that your dog barks, whines, growls, yelps, and makes other attempts to converse with you, don’t you feel like you are missing out on so much of dog-talk? Dogs make noises to express their emotions, and every pet owner wants to understand them. A study has even gone on to say that dogs […]

9 Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Golden Retriever More Often

Most dog owners would agree that you don’t need a reason to cuddle your dog more often — if anything, a dog’s stare and nuzzle is enough to melt any pooch lover’s heart. There are, however, actual benefits to cuddling and petting your furry best friend. 1-Your dog needs it. Science says so. If science […]

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