Border Collies

7 Signs Your Border Collie Is Really A Human In Disguise

1-They look you in the eyes. Humans tend to see eye contact a sign of respect and an important means of communication. Since your dog is really a human, he adapts to this behavior in order to please you. From there, the remarkable Oxytocin gaze-positive loop develops and you find yourself madly in love with […]

9 Weird Things We Do As Border Collie Parents

1-Refer to yourself as “Mommy” or “Daddy.” As in, “Daddy loves you” or “Give Mommy kisses!” 2-Talk to them like they’re the cutest wittle baby-wabies in the world! 3-Bake your pooch special homemade dog cookies. Because everyone loves baked goods that are made with love–even your pup! 4-Let them slobber all over your face. It’s […]

9 Reasons to Madly Fall in Love With Border Collie

1- Elegance is their second name 2- They can find joy in the little things. 3- They can feel the beauty of the world 4- They are great team players. 5- But sometimes they get really suspicious. 6- These dogs know how to fight the scariest thing… A toy. 7- They understand how important it is to rest. 8- They can easily […]

9 Signs That Border Collie dog Is Your Soulmate

1. Not only does your Border Collie  sleep in your bed with you… 2. You do whatever you can to make your Border Collie  comfortable. 3. Great effort is placed on making sure your  Border Collie  does not feel left out. 4. You’ve canceled plans with your friends to teach your  Border Collie cool tricks 5. Even when […]

9 Things Your Border Collie Wants to Tell You

1-«I want to protect you.» You may think your dog belongs to you, but you belong to your dog, as well. That means he is going to claim you and protect you.When he’s sitting on your foot, it’s an ownership thing. If his [bottom] is on you, he’s marking your foot.It’s not just that he […]

10 Ways Your Border Collie is Secreatly Communicating With You

Every time that your dog barks, whines, growls, yelps, and makes other attempts to converse with you, don’t you feel like you are missing out on so much of dog-talk? Dogs make noises to express their emotions, and every pet owner wants to understand them. A study has even gone on to say that dogs […]

9 Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Border Collie More Often

Most dog owners would agree that you don’t need a reason to cuddle your dog more often — if anything, a dog’s stare and nuzzle is enough to melt any pooch lover’s heart. There are, however, actual benefits to cuddling and petting your furry best friend. 1-Your dog needs it. Science says so. If science […]

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