Border Collies

7 Ways To Fight Off The Charm Of A Border Collie

1-Don’t make eye contact. Resist the draw to look into them. Just one glance, and you’ll be hypnotized into bringing home one – or two, or ten– of your own. If you ever see a Border Collie walking down the street, it’s best to shield your eyes, or, better yet, cross the street to avoid […]

Science proved you and your Border Collie fall in love when you look in each other’s eyes

Dog owners already know in their bones that they and their pets love one another. Now, a new study has confirmed it, finding that love is chemically apparent after dogs and their owners gaze into one another’s eyes. The study, conducted by researchers at several Japanese universities and published in the journal Science, consisted of […]

9 Signs Your Border Collie is Actually Your “Baby”

Whether you have kids (real, human kids) or not, you might still be pampering and cuddling a little baby – your Border Collie! Here are a few signs your Border Collie is actually your child (and probably the baby child). 1- The “dog bed” has more support than your mattress. After all, you can’t expect […]

9 Signs You’re Addicted To Border Collies On Facebook

1-You have audibly gasped at the cuteness of a puppy photo. 2-You’ve seen a photo and thought it was the best photo in the history of photos 3-You’ve looked at the entire history of a Border Collie you don’t know. 4-Or the entire history of a Border Collie you do know… again. 5-You’ve tried to […]

9 Reasons Why Everyone Loves A Border Collie

1. A Border Collie is a dog of few words. They save their voice for those really important moments, but are otherwise calm and quiet. 2. The Border Collie Personality is totally unique. Within a few months of living with one, you start to notice their quirks and habits, and they start to develop a […]

8 Reasons You Should Avoid Border Collie Dogs At All Costs

We have no clue how this Terrier breed is so popular. We think Border Collies are atrocious animals, they spend shivers down our spines. So after a cup of coffee and reflection, we’ve decided to put forward some arguments to help deter you from making a horrific mistake. We hope our efforts our not in […]

7 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Own Border Collie!

1. From the moment they are born they are just terrifying… 2. They are very bad around children… 3. Border Collie don’t like playing! 4. Will never make you laugh… 5. You never know when these dogs take a break… 6. And things only get worse when these dogs are older… 7. Don’t get one of these […]

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