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7 Signs You Love Your Maltese More Than Your Spouse

Riley’s Organics, an organic dog treat company, recently conducted a survey to see just how close pet parents are to their dogs. The company asked dog owners across the U.S. how much TLC they give their canines, and found that dogs often get more love than humans.

According to Riley’s results, 52% of respondents admitted to kissing their dog more than their partner. This trend continued into the respondents’ sleep habits. Out of those surveyed, 52% said they prefer to sleep in bed with their dog over their partner.
These numbers, while likely surprising to some who don’t own pets, make more sense when you learn that 94% of pet parents surveyed by Riley’s said they consider their dog to be one of their best friends. Significant others can’t compete with the overwhelming love of a true BFF.

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You really can’t compare the love you have for a spouse or significant other to your love of a dog — the two are very different. But it can be easy to get in the habit of showering your adorable canine with love and attention. Dogs actively seek and expect affection, while a loved one may not. This might sometimes leave your partner with a sense that you love the family pet more than you love him. Before you jump into marriage counseling, take a look at our list to see if you truly do love your dog more than your spouse.

1. You greet your dog first when you come home.

2. You shower your dog with compliments.

3.You constantly post pictures of your dog online.

4. You have an adorable nickname for your dog.

5.You talk your problems out with your pooch.

6.You compare your spouse’s love for you to your dog’s.

7.You ignore your spouse’s allergies and insist your dog sleep in the bed.