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10 Signs Your Samoyed Is Obsessed With You!

What has four paws, a wiggly nose, and a tail that wags just for you? Your  Samoyed, of course! How do you know your dog loves you?
So here it is, 11 ways you know your Samoyed loves you.

1- Jumps on you, possibly in a full body slam.

The excitement is why you’ve got those bruises (Love marks, as I call them).

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2-He Dances Just For You

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We all feel special when we come home and we’re greeted by our dog with his tail wagging, a favorite toy in tow, and he’s jumping all over the place like a crazy kangaroo.

3-Licks your face frantically.

No it’s not gross and unhygienic, it’s ridiculously sweet and probably just as exfoliating.

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4-Staring directly into your eyes.

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Even when it comes to bath time, your dog will find a way to deal, because he knows a clean dog makes a happy owner. And he wants you to be happy.

5-Yawning when you yawn.

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Dogs, because they’ve been bred to read humans, also yawn when someone they love yawns.

6 -Tries to please you when you’re ill.

Whether it’s a hangover or something more serious, your dog will try and make it better by lying down next to you, and mirroring your movements.

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7 -Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

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Your dog will STOP. AT. NOTHING. to get you your ball back.The dog is an intelligent, complex animal. It cares not for a rubber ball. It would much rather enjoy the autumnal leaves and the bracing air, but indulges your odd fetish for throwing tennis balls because it loves you.

8- Follows you. Everywhere.

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9 -Gets jealous.

Dogs get jealous of anything you pay attention to: humans; other dogs; the cat nemesis next door. They want all of you, and will remind you of this constantly.

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10-You are Comfort Zone

Your dog never bows out of an opportunity to cuddle, and that’s how you know it’s true love. No matter what the scenario is, you can count on a furry snuggle.

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