Mes: septiembre 2019

9 Gestures Your Chihuahua Employs to Communicate its Thoughts to You

Every time that your dog barks, whines, growls, yelps, and makes other attempts to converse with you, don’t you feel like you are missing out on so much of dog-talk? Dogs make noises to express their emotions, and every pet owner wants to understand them. A study has even gone on to say that dogs […]

What Your Chihuahua Can Say About Your Personality?

Chihuahuas get a rap for being high maintenance, but that’s definitely a stereotype. Chihuahuas and the people who love them are actually very easy to get along with. Chihuahua lovers are sympathetic people and are always willing to get to know you before passing judgement – probably because people don’t always offer them that same […]

10 Signs Your English Springer Spaniel Is Obsessed With You!

What has four paws, a wiggly nose, and a tail that wags just for you? Your  English Springer Spaniel, of course! How do you know your dog loves you? So here it is, 11 ways you know your English Springer Spaniel loves you. 1- Jumps on you, possibly in a full body slam. The excitement […]

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