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9 Signs That Your Bulldog Wears the Pants in the Family

agosto 1, 2019

We all love our bulldogs. They are, after all, a part of the family! But, for some of us that love tends to be a little on the, shall we say, obsessive side.If more than a few of these signs hold true for you, there’s a pretty good chance your bulldog actually wears the pants in the family – and that’s totally cool with us! (Our dogs wear the pants, too!

  • You sneak into the garage to open snacks because you can’t resist those puppy dog eyes.
  • You sleep on the edge of your king-sized bed while your dog spreads out over the rest.
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  • She has a bigger collection of sweaters than you do.
  • You turn down an invitation to go out on a Friday night because you’d rather stay home and watch a movie with your dog.
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  • He only eats healthy, natural premium food and treats (while you just grab fast food for yourself). Sometimes you even make your own dog treats!
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  • If he’s sleeping on your lap, you don’t dare wake him – even if your legs are asleep and your bladder is full. Your dog’s comfort is more important to you than your own.
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  • You’re planning to install a security camera just so you can check in on him while you’re away. Or while you’re in the other room.
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  • You sing to your dog and replace words with his name. (I love you, Fluffy, and if it’s quite alright, I need you, Fluffy, to warm a lonely night, oh pretty, Fluffy, trust in me when I say….)
  • You picked out your current vehicle with your dog in mind.
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