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10 Reasons Dachshunds Are So Addictive

mayo 25, 2019

If you have any doubt as to why people seem to get Dachshunds in packs, here’s ten reasons why you can’t get just one:

1. Dachshunds Come In All Flavors.

Whether your favorite coat color is sleek and black, ruddy brown, or
you’d prefer the rarer mottled merle, cream or even brindle, there’s a
color of Dachshund you’ll fall in love with. They also come in short,
long and wire-haired coat varieties. Of course, it only makes sense to
have one of each!

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2. There’s So Much Belly To Rub

If you can’t resist rubbing a dog’s warm, sparsely coated belly,
you’re going to love a Dachshund. That extra long torso means you have
miles of belly to rub. This cuddly little canine will happily snuggle
into your arms and flip over so you can reach their prime rubbing spots.
Don’t forget behind the ears, at the base of the tail, and around the

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3. The Zoomies

Even if you can’t make it to Cincinnati or Orange County for the
famous annual Wiener Dog Races, your own troop of Dachshunds will
regularly circle your furniture for no apparent reason at all. These
dogs are speed demons, don’t let those stubby little legs fool you. That
long body is super aerodynamic, practically built for flying from the
couch, to the sofa chair, to the stairs, down the hall, and through your
legs before you can say, “look at that wiener fly!

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4.They’re The Little Dog For The Big Dog Person

If you grew up with large dogs, but have to adopt a smaller one for
any reason – maybe you live in an apartment now – the Dachshund is the perfect transitioning dog. Though most weigh under 25 pounds, would-be intruders would never know it when they hear that ferocious warning bark. Full of energy and just as good as enduring hikes, sports and adventures as any larger dog, you’ll never want to leave your little
hound at home.

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5.They’re Meant For Sleeping In Your Bed

Bred to go through tunnels after small animals, a Dachshund is
practically bred to burrow under your covers. They tend to take on
awkward sleeping positions, and their favorite is between your legs,
using your butt as a pillow. Their short legs are slightly less likely
to kick you in the middle of the night… just slightly. And pretty soon,
you won’t be able to sleep any other way.

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6. Dachshunds Are Excellent Gardeners.

In the early spring, you can depend on your wiener dog to help you
create optimal holes for planting seeds and seedlings. It’ll take a bit
more training to convince them not to rearrange your garden for the rest
of the year. Even so, you can’t blame a dog for wanting to help aerate
the soil. By providing a designated area for digging, you can redirect
this natural instinct, rather than trying to extinguish it.

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7. You Become Part Of An Exclusive Club.

Before you become a Dachshund owner, you’ll rarely notice them in the
street. But once you have one of your own, you’ll start seeing them
everywhere. People who see yours, but have theirs at home, will
constantly come up to you to show you pictures and tell you stories
about theirs. You may even find a local Dachshund group in your city
that you never knew about before.

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8. They Really Do Train You

Everyone wants a “smart” dog until they have one. Even so, you can’t
help but be impressed with our your Dachshund will pick up on words and cues, and sneak food the moment you stop watching them. Luckily, they’re very trainable, especially when motivated with treats, and have a sharp mind that makes them great at learning complex tricks. Take the time to teach them, or they’ll use those powers for mischief!

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9. Dachshunds Have A Sense Of Humor

Though they don’t always do it on purpose, your Dachshund will have
you laughing every single day. Whether they’re demanding an early dinner.

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10. They Live A Long Time.

Like most small breeds, the Dachshund can live a long time, up to 20 years. Even that isn’t enough time for all of the snuggly moments, I Love Yous, and midnight snacks in the world. Those years seem to fly by like a racing wiener dog, and all you can really do is appreciate every moment together.