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9 Reasons You Should Avoid Labrador Dogs At All Costs

We have no clue how this Terrier breed is so popular. We think Labradors are atrocious animals, they spend shivers down our spines.
So after a cup of coffee and reflection, we’ve decided to put forward some arguments to help deter you from making a horrific mistake. We hope our efforts our not in vain, and that from now on, people are no longer obsessed with them.

1. Hardly a day’s old, these beasts are blood-curdling.

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2. They know all the strategies to suddenly take you by surprise.

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3. And their fierceness only gets worse with age…

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4. Like all wild beasts, they cannot live in human environments.

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5. Of course they hate human company, especially kids.

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6. They have no protective instinct and will never take care of you.

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7. And they are so not photogenic…

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8. They hate going out and exploring nature.S1S1S

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9. Nor any other species for that matter.

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Oh, you don’t agree?!

Fine then, you might find some people who agree with you on this Facebook group dedicated to the love of Labradors !