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8 Signs Your Mastiff Fully In Charge

1. You lift your dog up onto the bed knowing full well THAT THEY CAN GET THERE ALL BY THEMSELVES.

3 year old 204 Lbs Old English #Mastiff

«I just can’t do it. Look how little and cute I am!!!!!»

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2. They take up more than a person’s worth of space on the bed AND YOU LET THEM.


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3. They’ll eat dog food but only if it’s RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAND.

This pretty lady, patiently waiting for her dinner, is Lily the English Mastiff. Owner Katie Sheppard has been in touch with us since Lily was a pup and we have loved watching her grow. Katie tells us Lily made a seamless transition to our Adult Large Breed recipe. She loves crunching on the large kibbles and it keeps her and her tummy happy. That makes us happy too! Thanks to Katie for sharing.

«Y’know, the bowl makes the food taste funny.»

Dog Eating Dog Bowl Rottweiler X Mastiff - Video

4. And you just can’t stay mad when they make a mess.

Cómo crear un perfume casero para los perros - Mis animales




Our English Mastiff, Samson. 9 months old.

5. When they’re literally in the process of destroying your property but you still think they’re adorable and even TAKE A PICTURE.

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6. They know that all they have to do is look at you in just the right way and they’ll get fed.

English Mastiff pup waiting for food

«Fine. You can have some of my dinner, but just this once, OK?’

Titus the Bullmastiff was the most handsome and well mannered guest at this dinner party! #bullmastiff #mastiff #dogs #breeds #dogs101

7. They won’t let you get any work done if they’re looking for attention.

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«I SWEAR it was my dog, boss.»

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8. They sleep right on top of you and you refuse to move a muscle because you don’t want to interrupt their little puppy dreams.

Dog, Girl, Bordeaux, Mastiffs, Mastiff

Poor little thing. What a stressful life.

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«WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE TABLE?… NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE TA– THE… Aawww, what a cutie! Pose for the camera, Fluff!»

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And there’s not a doubt in your mind that they deserve the complete royal treatment. ❤

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