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9 Reasons Why Everyone Loves A Rottweiler

1. A Rottweiler is a dog of few words.

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They save their voice for those really important moments, but are otherwise calm and quiet.

2. The Rottweiler Personality is totally unique.

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Within a few months of living with one, you start to notice their quirks and habits, and they start to develop a secret language with you.

3. They are lap dogs.

Imagen relacionadaRottweilers love to be as close to their favorite humans as possible, and will climb into your lap, or snuggle right up to you and rest their head on your neck.

4. Rottweilers have a sense of humor.

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Those big, brown paws sometimes slide out in all directions, and sometimes walls and doors are closer than they appear. When the Rottweilers takes a tumble, they look up at you for a moment, and almost seem to laugh at themselves, with that happy waving tail. Rottweilers also think it’s quite funny when you fall down, especially if there is flying food involved.

5. A Rottweiler has captivatingly familiar eyes.

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No dog has more humanlike eyes than the Rottweiler.


6. Rottweilers are big believers in minimalism.

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When they chew up your sneakers, they’ are just trying to tell you that you don’t really need two pairs, do you?

7. A Rottweiler can teleport.

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These quiet dogs seem to sneak up behind you at the oddest moments: when you are in the kitchen, the bathroom, anywhere that might serve as an interesting opportunity to observe you or snatch some food.

8. That tail can reach speeds of 350-500 WPM.

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When you come home after a long day, nothing beats a warm greeting from your Rottweiler. That super-fast tail can wag up to 500 times per minute, roughly.

9. They are the best cuddle buddy.

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