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9 Things Only People Who Are Obsessed With Corgis Will Understand

1. You find it hard to punish your dog when he/she does something bad because you realize how cute they are when they know they did something bad. You want to be mad but they’re just so cute it’s hard so you tell them ‘no’ then wait a minute before petting and loving them.

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2. Rolling on the ground with dogs is normal to you. At any given moment you can find yourself rolling on the ground playing or cuddling with your dog and it’s normal. Your dog is just too cute to be rolling on the ground without you there encouraging him/her.

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3. Taking your dog shopping with you to the pet store is so exciting. And SO CUTE. Watching your pup stroll up and down the isles picking out random toys is a highlight of your life because it’s adorable.

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4. When you go away the person you miss most is your dog. Sorry friends and family but the dog is most important in this situation because the last thing you want is for your dog to think you abandoned him/her. It’s a heartbreaking thought.

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5. You love dog parks because you get to see a bunch of other cute dogs play with your dog. And it’s super cute. I don’t have kids but I’d imagine it’s like dropping your kid off at day care and seeing them play with their friends. Makes you such a proud dog mom or dad.

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6. Your dog is your background on your phone. And it hasn’t been changed in so long, unless you took a more recent picture that melts your heart just as much.

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7. Whenever other people start talking about their dog, you have to show how cute yours is. Dog people get other dog people and once the talk about dogs start there’s no slowing it down. It’s also a perfect opportunity to show off how cute your dog is and let people “aw” over him/her.

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8. You’re convinced you have the cutest dog in the world. And you’re right!

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9. You die a little inside every time you see your dog do something cute. Which is, like, all the time! Every time your dog puts their head on your lap or paws at your leg or shakes or the way he/she looks when you’re about to give them a treat. JUST EVERYTHING. You love your dog because dogs are awesome and cute and are way better than humans

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