9 Reasons Why You Simply Can’t Resist English Bulldog


Love is a two way street

Once you’re home, they won’t let you have privacy before sharing some (read: a lot of!) happiness and love.

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Dig is his thing

He will take care of the garden. And pots with flowers. Maybe will make some mess, but hey, he was only trying to help by doing what he does best.

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Companionship is important

Whether you’re about to sleep, eat or take a walk, your doxie will always want to be by your side. Always.

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Your bed is not yours anymore…

Get used to sharing.

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…nor are your candies and cookies!

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Jealousy, jealousy…

Dog can get used to cat, but when it comes to love, puppy’s silly jealousy will come up eventually.

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The varieties are endless

The shorthaired, the wirehaired or the longhaired; black, red or chocolate; one color or mixed – they are all adorable.

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Privacy is a bit overrated, don’t you agree?

Doggy doesn’t understand why would you need space.

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Yes, can make some mess…

…but, all in all, he is one cuddling ball of love.

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