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9 Signs Your Great Dane Is Your Absolute Best Friend

1. He’s always willing to cuddle up next to you on the couch every night.  And you have a sidekick for life, no questions.

💖I won’t be able to hold him like this for long, even though I know he’ll still try to sit in my lap when he’s full grown! Love my Milo . ❤️🐶😍
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2. Your pup’s favorite thing in the world is putting a smile on your face.

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3. And no matter how big or small, your pup accepts you just the way you are.

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4. Her loyalty to you is unmatched.

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5. And even on the absolute worst day, he always finds a way to make you laugh

6. He invades every inch of your space in the BEST way possible.

💖I know they told me not to touch this stuff.. but it’s just so fun!
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7. You never have to wait on anyone because you always have a reliable playmate…

TODAY I AM 6 MONTHS! Time has flown by! I went from being 15 pounds to around 100 in a flash! I’m so grateful to have made a huge family on instagram! Also I have connected with some of my litter mates: @scoutandpiperdanes @crystalscrazycrew @dextervondane @annym11 thank you guys for your constant support! My family can’t believe I’m six months already! 🎂🤩😘😍❤️😇swipe left to see the transformation!

8. Waking up is a lot cuter with your best bud around.

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9.…and comfort you during the low points.

We connect. ❤️
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And most of all, is your loyal pal, who sees you and loves you for everything that you are.

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