10 Signs Your Boxer Is The Head Of Your Household

All signs point to the fact that while you pay the bills, your dog is living her best life. If you’re not convinced, read the 12 red flags listed below. Sorry to be the one to tell you that you’re existing under a dictatorship, but you had to find out some time.

1. There is a dog bed or blanket in almost every room.
The pet is allowed everywhere.

Qué dices tu de mi?

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2. Your personal home scent is a mix of Febreze and wet dog.

Se parece a mi perro bóxer

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3. No matter how often you, glass surfaces always have a permanent nose or tongue print.

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4. Every framed photo in your home contains a picture of your dog.

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5. You sweep and vacuum more dog hair than human hair.

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6. You spend as much money on kibble as you do on groceries.

oh so tired..............

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7. When you have people over, someone is bound to trip over a squeak toy.

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8. You often find your socks and underwear scattered about in random places of the house.

Meeko loves taking your socks or anything in her reach. She waits to makes sure you see her so you can chase her around the table... It's a game she loves to play... Lol

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9. Even if it’s not your dog you’re still under their thumb.Your family would rather talk to the pet than you.

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10.The dog breaks everything and never gets into trouble.

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10 Signs Your Boxer Is The Head Of Your Household

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