13 Signs Your Yorkies Loves You More Than He Loves Himself


Here’s 13 reasons of proof that a Yorkie is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself:

1. He deals with you taking an unlimited amount of pictures of him. All. The. Time.

2. Sometimes he even poses for those pictures.


3. He loves traveling with you to all places, even if it’s just a trip to the gas station down the street.

Lillie & Ry|Yorkies love to go bye-bye in the car! #yorkshireterrier

4. He actually makes the best adventure companion ever.

Gizmo at sunset #yorkshireterrier

5. He has opinions of his own and isn’t afraid to share them (such as when he doesn’t like a particular toy you bought that was overpriced at PetSmart).

Zoe wants to play! Yorkie Love!!

6. He lets you squeeze him on occasion..

We told you about the horrors that go by the name of Labradors, and now we must draw your attention to another threatening species: Yorkshire Terriers. #YorkshireTerrier

7. He watches out for your safety.

Beautiful yorkie

8.He is always by your side while you’re doing homework.

Y, una vez más, morirás... de ternura.

9. Or crafting, or anything, really…

I want to watch TV. Umm, what should I watch? I know, channel 30 or 191, 192, 193. I want to watch channel 30

10. He is also the perfect companion for lazy days.

The coziest pup

11. He tries really hard to get along with your friends.

Cutie Pie Yorkie dog

12. Along with whatever other thing you bring into his life…

Puppy on white dogs head

13. He never fails to put a smile on your face.

Como cuidar de um Yorkshire Terrier - 11 passos - umComo #yorkshireterrier