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11 Things You Know To Be True When Your French Bulldog Is Always Hungry

1. You don’t need an alarm clock, because your pooch knows when it’s time for breakfast.

2. Don’t even try to go back to sleep either. Haven’t you heard about second breakfast?

Image result for frenchie eating3. Sure the event is pet friendly, but you probably shouldn’t go somewhere if people will have food.

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4. You’ve heard, “Oh, are they starving you?” too many times to count. It’s never funny.

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5. It’s especially not funny when your vet tells you your dog could stand to lose a few pounds. But he’s ALWAYS hungry!

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6. Your dog can eat dinner in .5 seconds.

7. You can’t eat without being watched.

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8. But at least your dog will clean the plates for you.

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9. Your dog loves it when you come home from work or go on walks… but nothing beats the excitement at mealtime.

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10. Your pooch loves anyone with treats. It might be time to teach stranger danger at home.

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11. You get pretty hangry too, so you just keep on loving your dog.

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