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9 Products That Will Make Your Husky Love You Even More

marzo 11, 2018

1. A dog bowl you can easily take wherever you’re bringing your pup because… when hunger or thirst strikes, you should be able to satisfy.

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2. A car seat cover can accompany you on road trips, and you can protect your seats.

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3. A wax to protect their precious paws from inevitable damage from stuff like hot pavement, salt, and other abrasive surfaces.

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4-A treat ball that’ll keep them active and will reward their hard work with their favorite treats.

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5-A peanut butter dog cake mix so you can treat your fuzzy friend’s sweet tooth.

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6. A portable outdoor shower head for the dog who just doesn’t want to sit still in a tub.

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7. A toy you donut want to miss out on letting them play with — they can chew and fetch it all day long

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8-A flavored bone toy they’ll never want to stop chewing, for the sole reason that it tastes delicious.

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9-A lounger bed— because playing and eating all day is pretty damn exhausting. Just ask this guy.

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