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7 Things We Can Learn From Pomeranians

When I first got my Pomeranian puppy, I never knew I was looking at the most loyal, lovable companion of my life. Here are 7 lessons I learned from her.

1. Dogs connect through touch

If my dog wants me to pet her, she’ll shove her face under my hand until it’s time for a nice dog massage. Dogs love to be petted because it reminds them of the attention they got from their moms. Touch feels good, both for humans and animals. Your dog will always let you pet her. Even if I’m always busy, just a quick moment with my dog makes me feel better right away, and makes me feel more connected.

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2. Dogs never judge you

My Pomeranian puppy never ceased in her loyalty, acceptance and unconditional love. Even in the worst times, when significant others were coming and going, she’d always be there.

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3. Dogs teach you how to put things in perspective

Beyond their incredible ability to let things go, dogs seem to have a way of understanding us. They see how we stress over the small stuff, but they never do.

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4. There are no mind games, no guessing at what she wants, no passive aggressive ploys.

Dogs can’t speak, but they can communicate much better than humans sometimes.

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5. Dogs always forgive

Some of my friends who also had dogs told me that being able to forgive the way their pets could taught them to have better physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Dogs are almost always friendly and ready to please. How many of us could say the same?

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6. Dogs have senses that are way sharper than ours as humans.

Their smell is better, and sometimes they see things we don’t. They also have ways to communicate non-verbally. They have an enormous ability to adapt to new situations.

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7. They always live in your heart

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