This Massive Spider Is As Big As A Pug



The group is getting tons of questions and comments on the Facebook photo of Charlotte. To reassure any doubters, the group posted: “Yes she is very real and very large and not photo shopped!!”

The rescue agency has been taking advantage of all of the publicity Charlotte has drummed up to raise money for food and water for its animals during a drought. So far, the online fundraising campaign has brought in nearly $14,000.

Huntsman spiders are typically grey or brown with flat bodies and long legs. They’re often compared to crabs because of their crab-like walking style, according to the Australian Museum.

These creepy crawlers are often found living under the loose bark of Australian trees, in logs, under rocks and in crevices. Occasionally, they run inside houses and businesses, but they really prefer to scare you by hanging out in your car behind the sun visor.

Though huntsman spiders can get big, growing up to six inches across, Charlotte seems to be a bit of an anomaly.

“You might want to make sure you’re not missing a few chickens, sheep, calves…Wow! This is one big spider,” one Facebook commenter wrote.