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11 Things that Dogs Boxer Can Predict

As you probably know, a dog’s senses are much sharper and more powerful than a human being’s. It allows them the ability to «detect» certain events before they occur, for they are more sensitive to signs that we commonly ignore.

That is why AnimalWised want to inform you about the 11 things that dogs can predict. You will be surprised to discover everything your furry friend can detect by simply trusting their canine senses. Keep reading! This is an interesting one…

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1. Climate change

If the thunder stuns you when you hear it, imagine what happens to your dog. Their fine ear detects it long before you do. That’s why many dogs get nervous during storms.

In addition, when the thunder is forming, it ionizes the air, producing a metallic scent that your dog is able to smell – so they know that a storm is approaching before it starts. Some research reveals that they are even able to feel the vibration causes by lightning, with their feet!


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2. Earthquakes

If you have ever heard that dogs feel an earthquake much earlier than humans, we can confirm that this is completely true. Dogs are capable of predicting catastrophes, as are many other animals.

Generally, they show a kind of behavior prior to the occurrence of earthquakes in which they are nervous and reluctant to be locked in. They leave the places where they live and try to reach higher ground.!


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3. Pregnancy

Yes, your dog can sense when you’re pregnant! When a woman becomes pregnant, her body not only transforms externally, but also inside, starting with the release of hormones. The dog is able to perceive this hormonal change, so many become more protective when their female owner is pregnant.


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4. The time of birth

When the time comes for the baby to be born, the human body also emits different scents and signals that may sometimes go unnoticed. However, they can tell a dog that the new family member will arrive very soon. There are even cases of animals that, days before the baby is born, refuse to separate from their owners, as a way to protect them. Very sweet!


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5. Diseases

Thanks to its powerful smell, the dog is able to detect the changes that occur in the body when you have certain diseases, such as diabetes or cancer. There are testimonies of people who were diagnosed with cancer in a part of their body where the dog always sniffed them. Also, trained dogs can warn their owners of the moment to provide insulin. Impressive!


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6. Epilepsy

Some breeds of dogs are trained to detect the time when an epilepsy attack is to occur, and to warn their owner to take their medicines or to seek help from others.


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7. Human emotions

Surely you have noticed that, most of the time, your dog is entertained whilst watching you. Thanks to this, they are prepared to identify your changes of emotion. It is easy for your pet to know if you are sad, angry, very excited or even worried. It is very likely that in these cases they will try and comfort you with a doggy cuddle or simply stay by your side.

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8. Fear

Dogs smelling fear is not a myth, but an absolute truth. How do they do that? It’s thanks to the human body. When we feel fear, we secrete adrenaline, a hormone easily identifiable to a canine’s nostrils.


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9. When you are going to leave

It is not necessary to say goodbye to your pet when you leave the house for a few hours. The routine that you perform and the attitude that you have is enough information to indicate to your pet you are preparing to leave. Dogs are incredibly observant creatures.


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10. When you are going to return

Many kilometers before you get home, the dog is able to perceive that you are already on the way, thanks to their ability to smell you at great distances. So, before you arrive they will be waiting for you, excited!


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11. Death

A normal process in the life of all living beings, before dying, the body produces certain chemical and biological changes, which dogs can identify perfectly. Therefore, it is not strange that when a person is about to die, the dog does not separate from their side and shows great sadness.


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Did you enjoy our 11 things that dogs can predict? We hope you learnt something.

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