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10 great videos to help non-vegans make the connection

diciembre 31, 2017

1) Three year old kid explains why he doesn’t want to eat meat

A young boy, confused why anyone would think to eat an animal, explains the vegan message with beautiful simplicity. Hold out until the end for the best bit.

2) Ex-dairy cow bonding with calf separated from mother at birth

Many people don’t realise that dairy cows are separated from their young soon after birth. In this video, an ex-dairy cow meets an orphaned calf. Both are now allowed to experience the care and affection they have been deprived of by the industry.

3) Spring pasture release 2014

Farm sanctuaries do wonderful work. Take a look at this clip, where rescued animals enjoy their first taste of spring. One commenter says it all: “This is what ALL animals deserve – freedom, love, life.”

4)  Happy cows

Did the last video not bring a tear to your eye? Then this one of cows literally jumping for joy may well do, exemplifying their clear “lust for life”.

5) Rescued hens from egg farm free for first time

These rescued hens can exhibit their natural behaviours for the first time, leaving a caged existence for the simple joys of being able to stretch, peck and explore.

6) Second chances

Watch the video here.



7) Adorable Irish girl explains why she doesn’t want to eat meat

Because you can never have too many clips of children making the connection. The most striking line: “I don’t want them to cut up the animal-people”.

8) The Gentle Barn: Karma’s reunion

A grieving mother is reunited with her baby, whom she thought lost. The results are tear-wrenching – especially when you pair the reunion with this video of a mother running after the trailer towing her baby away.


9) Beagle freedom project

All animals are individuals – something which this organisation recognises. These ex-lab beagles’ numbers are replaced with names, and they are allowed to explore and play for the first time.



10) Happiest video EVER!

And to top it all off, just a plain adorable video of baby animals playing and generally having a whale of a time at Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary. This wonderful organisation asks the question: «If we can live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?»

Different messages resonate with different people. Every time someone realises that animals can experience complex and profound emotions and decides to do something about it, we are one step closer to making a more vegan world.

I tag you – pick a non-vegan friend who loves animals, and share this message!